Beautiful Day in Saigon

Today was a bit different for me. I decided to simply walk in the direction I faced. Down and over to the right. Then to the left. My last day walking here. Tonight I meet a Vietnamese friend at an American restaurant for dinner. Tom and I lived in Hanoi together with Van in her guest house and we would go out and eat often.

Perhaps a photo later of our time together. Who knows :-)

Saigon is full of skylines little and big. I enjoy both here but I don’t really care for the city that much. Tomorrow at 3pm I fly to where I do care for. Hanoi welcomes me back in the evening and then Vietnamese food with Van that she is cooking for me. Will be so nice to see the beautiful city, take photos, and find my way again to the places I love. I’ll have three weeks and days yto wander and wonder. Take a few photos. Find some words to write.

December 29, 2022