Good morning Saigon

Not a movie but life. I woke up to being truthfully in Vietnam for a month after a wonderful and only 50 minute flight from Siem Reap here. Of course, customs is always a downer in Saigon. They have never done much of anything to make things actually move faster and I get the feeling each customs enforcement officer likes to just stare at something on his desk I cannot see while he waits to see me fidget. Instead I just smile at him and tell him sweetly thank you in Vietnamese when he finishes.

But now is now folks. Morning in crazy town. Today will be going soon for some pho and coffee. Oh yes. Coffee at some place here where I can sip the delicious and fabled nectar called ca phe sua da. Then a walk around here to there. Some photos taken here for so many times yet this is new. I get the feeling Saigon was reborn for me at 10pm last night when I landed and asked the flight security lady if this was truly Vietnam. She just smiled and told me yes. I could not help but..

Oh my God I am back again

And it does feel so good even in Saigon that I have never liked or appreciated to be back. It sometimes has been a stopping point and other times a final destination. I’ve lived here and left here. Friday though is probably the real entry point. I’m a Hanoi boy.

But what about today?

Well it is Wednesday morning. Soon a shower and then a bowl of magic. Pho down the street at this place I have gone so many times. There are cute Vietnamese waitresses there that are fun to tease and the pho is almost good. Never close to what is available when I’m in the Hanoi element. They have no quay to dip into the soup. What the F?

Seriously though the step is coffee. I have been awaiting the delirious and delicious nectar of coffee here. So I will probably stop twice this morning at different little places I know. I like to sit on the street and watch Saigon do its thing to go completely crazy. It does good at times.

So photos to come, stories to come but the real treasure is Hanoi and staying back in my home. My home that can never be my true home and that kind of bites at times but I also have learned over the last almost 2 years to just live with it. I have problems accepting things so instead I just live with things. Maybe one day I will accept that my ex-wife cheated on me, divorced me, made my life misery way back when. Meanwhile I just live with it and it’s good enough for me. The same with living here and making Hanoi my home. My friend V wants that but it shall not be. There is no way to make it happen. And honestly I prefer Cambodia and the wonderful Khmer people and one especially.

So let’s go on. Soon will do the best nothing I can do which probably includes visiting an ATM machine for some bank and withdrawing more Dong. Because life is not complete without more Dong to spend. Then an evening with Lily. My wonderful and treasured friend from Can Tho visiting here to see me. Dinner and talk and hugs. Maybe a few disguised tears.

More on all the more later.

December 28, 2022