between here and there

Is now. Today I finished some days in Siem Reap and heading out to Vietnam this evening for a month. At the last moment just about had to get my glasses fixed which I did at King Optical in the city. As I’ve blogged I am spending 30 days in Vietnam starting this evening. A few days in Saigon and then weeks in Hanoi. I kinda picked the time so I could enjoy the big holiday in Vietnam. Tet is the lunar new year celebration in Vietnam and it goes a week. I will have the beginning but then I fly back to Siem Reap in late January. A month to go play. To write. To find and lose.

It seems like I have waited longer than ever to get back. In truth I left in July 2021 and spent time riding Amtrak east to Chicago and west to Los Angeles. Then flew to live in Mexico. I think of Mexico every so often. My favorite place, Merida, still captivates. The Yucatán is a wonder of places. I’m thankful I got the tour there to see so many different places over 8 days.

Bacalar the beautifulBacalar the beautiful

Bacalar the beautiful

So Mexico was stunning and fun and it was time to leave in September. Cambodia was calling.

Now I think on Hanoi. The years and memories and people. Photos do sum up the times so nicely. Beautiful Hanoi.

Hanoi’s mural streetHanoi’s mural street

Hanoi’s mural street

All to remember between here and there in a coffee shop in Siem Reap.

When I go it will not really be back. We never can go back. I will find this new Vietnam. Made still of flesh and steel and history. Tradition and culture. All reformed and built from the ground up for me to find.

And that’s the best of all. Hello to the between times. Spent many of them in many places.

Where? Hell I don’t know.Where? Hell I don’t know.

Where? Hell I don’t know.

Bring it on.

December 27, 2022