small moments

I took a really good walk yesterday. There is this route I enjoy along the river, passing a major road with bridge and then to two more bridges. I cross over the bridge and walk to this particular bench. One of many it is positioned under trees and is hardly ever used. Except yesterday. So I moved down a few steps to the next one. I sat and watched the buses, tuktuks, motorbikes and bicycles. All heading toward some meeting or away. I usually sit for some amount of time and now enjoying the cooler days. I see a bus go by.

Giant ibis busGiant ibis bus

Giant ibis bus

I’ve ridden this bus and this route most likely. Perhaps it starts in Phnom Penh. Small faces appear and wink out in the windows. People coming to the city. Tourists perhaps coming to visit a few days. Khmer people visiting family or on vacation. Maybe an expat or two coming back home or visiting on their grand tour. The faces give no hint.

I walk on. To downtown and close to the river. Two Khmer boys run by laughing and talking.

Two Khmer boysTwo Khmer boys

Two Khmer boys

Carefree and perhaps heading nowhere in particular. It is funny we start that way but soon priorities and projects take over. Little and big things supplant the really big project we all should have.

living in joy and happiness for each moment

Instead we are destined to wait through many small and big moments and we studiously apply ourselves to moving with purpose. We lose the carefree.

Walking for me is the most basic application of taking it all back for me. Joining the joy. Harvesting the happiness. Most of all letting each moment drift on its own gossamer toward no outcome at all.

And these are the small moments. The little things that await us. But perhaps each one only knocks once. We pass the little moments by at our hazard.

So stop and take them back. They are yours. Take your walk. Not mine. Each walk begs no question. Or answer. I read this wonderful blog post by CraigMod about walking alone today. To me upon reading the solitary walker’s superpower and feeling both appreciative but different about the walk I wanted to explore in my blog this intersection of his blog and these nice words,

So that’s why I mainly say no to folks who ask to join up with me — I selfishly want to be fully present, completely ensorcelled, engaged to the max in the magic” of the solo walk. I believe in this magic, have felt it for hundreds of days now. Know what’s to be had and how to wrest it from the world around me. The solo walk is not a lonely walk. It’s the core of all this other work. A solo walk is a great walk, a rich walk, the richest walk, perhaps.

Source: CraigMod cited above

I also wanted to call out my differences as well as loving the pace and texture of the words. Each walk is small and large and lifts me and lets me down. Transports me and restricts me. Fills me with thoughts or a void. And all is fine. Each tense seems to exercise the way I need or often another way I least expect.

Small moments. A blog post read. A park bench found.

Take care and be safe this holiday season.

December 24, 2022