Friday Morning Stuff

Welcome to my Friday morning. Last night I walked to clear my head of some thoughts. Walking is a mantra to me. I can focus on the steps and not the outcome. Find the space walking the Siem Reap River to just be. Last night was simply beautiful and the bridges were lit up farther up the river.

I sat at this bench for awhile enjoying the peaceful evening. Kind of between steps. Almost like the person walking away from me. Perhaps he too hesitated his steps and found that pull, that primitive sensation of steps.

Then off to sleep and this morning finds me writing in Day One and considering a Friday morning blog post to announce nothing in particular. Perhaps to cogitate and ruminate and find December leading me to other places. Next week to Phnom Penh for a week to see friends there and help one celebrate a birthday and mostly to just go. Then late December to Vietnam for a month. There’s nothing left but simply to let the moments unwind and minivans and airplanes to leave and arrive.

I bought some freshly cut up pineapple and Dragon Fruit. I already ate some pineapple because it just so good cold. The Dragon Fruit are the white variety but I can also find the red here. In Mexico I commonly found the red ones and one day in Merida I walked by this young guy selling a pickup truck full of them. I bought some later.

Now it’s coffee morning time with music. I guess I consider breakfast this morning at a regular spot down the street I enjoy. I may go for coffee at Ricky’s first. I wanted to mention I met this person F here who is living in SR. He had a stroke so he does not move too fast but he walks every day and when his arm and leg bother him he rides a tuktuk. Thing is he is out there living. His spirit is indomitable and his mood forever cheerful. Too bad his so-called coffee friends don’t treat him the same. Instead they changed their morning times to not see him. He feels because he ran out of things to talk to them about. I think that is the lowest thing these two expats could do to someone who wants to speak German and the two remove any chance of just doing that. I won’t be changing my views of expats here any time too soon. They truly are the lowest of the low in most cases and I happily limit any chances of meeting or hanging around with them at their bars, cafes, and how they do coffee with F. It is mean and low of them. I get to see F every day and we talk about his life and mine. What he loves about living here. How he is challenged at things we take for granted. The left side of his body does not work but yet he is out every day. I think the two expats that deny him have no working parts of their bodies. F them.

Anyways, back to Friday. I guess this post was meant to go wandering around. It is a beautiful morning. Coffee is nice and the pineapple was particularly sweet and good. Having it all cold from the little fridge is an added extra. I think now I will finish my coffee. Take some time to watch the birds darting around the trees and buildings next to where I live. Hear the silence of a Siem Reap morning yet music corresponds to the silence.

There’s nothing to do on a Friday morning. No real stuff to be dealt with. Photo shared. Life in December becomes exciting and different. I admit to counting the days down until Vietnam and being able to see friends and family. It has been a few turns and twists including riding the Amtrak west to east from California to Chicago with stops along the way and then back west again. The last train dream ever I had. Then Mexico for a year of particularly fun living. But this Friday it all rolls around to this place. That is the very best outcome considering it is a Friday and there is no stuff.

Have a good one. May you have no stuff too.

December 2, 2022