Going to Phnom Penh

I don’t really know why. I was having coffee with my landlady talking about going before Vietnam. She told me I should just go. So I booked tickets on LarryTA express service. The cost is very reasonable and the service is personal. It is a minivan service with the focus on quality. They also leave every hour which I like better since I’m a lazy retired guy. I’ll be there for a week or so. No one to meet besides some nice Khmer people there. I’ll get to see my friend AV and help celebrate her birthday and then will hopefully see Chetra for coffee and stuff. Mostly I am just going to go.

I’m staying at a smaller boutique hotel that is reasonably priced and close but not at the riverside area. Now I just need to go shopping for AV for her birthday. I’m pretty sure we will have a few beverages together. Maybe visit a skybar because AV likes to go to those. Last time we went to one too. But that was with my friend J. It was okay but I would much prefer not going back again to do that. Ah Vy is one of my favorite people in the known world. I’ve been particularly lucky to have known her since before the pandemic but some years went by before I could get back to Cambodia to live again. Now when I visit Phnom Penh, we get together. Special person in my world and she told me I am special in hers.

So this time PP for my birthday almost and for AVs birthday almost. Then back to Siem Reap for a few weeks and I go to Vietnam at year end.

Don’t you just love that smile? I do.

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November 27, 2022