So looking up

I stopped I guess for a beer or so last night down on Pub Street. There’s a nice bar and restaurant I enjoy there. I can sit and observe in big comfy chairs. I ate a pizza last night. I looked up and I noticed this rather interesting lamp. I would say it has character or feeling but it also looks rather lonely. There are more modern lights around it.

I think I have noticed the lamp before. I decided I would share the photo on the blog there and then but of course, after a few beers and meeting a friend at the nearby cheaper bar, I completely forgot.

Anyways, today is Saturday. I am enjoying some music and coffee in my room. I had to close the big window because this visitor flew in. This huge bee that flew around looking horribly dismayed at being inside. I managed to chase the critter out but did not close the window. Then I noticed the same or another one circling around outside again. I closed the window at that point and decided to put the AC back on again.

My room is this instance of comfort for me. it is one of the places I can just live in. Close to restaurants and bars and little neighborhood shops. Right down the street is our Wat. Wat Damnak lives and is open to all to visit. It is a peaceful and serene place.

But back to the lamp. Well, there it is. A thing of beauty. Kind of dented up and perhaps needing some touchups here and there. Yeah. Like me.

Have a good Saturday. Siem Reap forever calls me to coffee down the street at the Temple Coffee and Bakery. Then a walk and maybe a little set of photos. Oh… I have a month to go before Vietnam! I’m sure the excitement will build to a fever’s pitch or less. Also a shoutout to TMO. Stay well and happy. I am so glad you sent me the email. Good to hear how things are going for you.

Okay, bye for now. My room coffee and music awaits.

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November 26, 2022