another morning

I think here it is Thanksgiving. The holidays really go by here with no real mention since this day not celebrated. So instead I sit at Ricky Coffee. A cup of hot latte for the spirit and soul. A tea to warm the heart.

Some WiFi to write this post. Little bits of thanks. While I don’t celebrate, I find little bits of what I have that seem so worth it. Like counting days until 27 December when I fly to 🇻🇳. Having a month with most of the time spent in Hanoi. It has been since July 2021. Over a year and I wonder how it will feel to again touch that ground.

Second is having the day to day life in Siem Reap. There is this slowness with moments here. Like nothing deserves to be done quickly. Living here means finding the rhythm to life and then slowing it down. Nothing need happen until it does. Most of lives are spent forever in a rush. We accomplish and risk. Deliver and plan. Siem Reap says there is plenty of time to sit at Ricky Cafe and realize none of that applies.

Finally is this big thing. We live most of our times transfixed with time and space. Fear one and plan in another. What if it is taken away and I find instead moments unplanned and given to feed memories and experiences. I’ve said before we are also locked into things. Things define us. Make us behave a way. Act a way. Instead what if we strip it all away? What if life is compiled without all the things? Instead it is us and our nothing. I realized years ago all the things only lined the path to despondency and disillusionment. They only created the need for more things which further took us down the path of fear and hatred. So I turned that corner. I said no more. And it meant freedom. To go as I please when I please. But with no things to hold me back. Imprison me. Make me despondent and disillusioned.

the three things

That is all there is of it all. We don’t things that hold us back. We should go when we can go. Like now I hear the siren whisper of 🇻🇳. It holds me but soon will let me feel that strange and wonderful thing. The thing that is nothing. The heart strings that play my private melody.

The three things combine into one. And the latte finishes up. I can go find a step or two. Or take some breakfast. Or do both. Then it’s a Thursday for me.