morning times

I decided to get my laundry done today. So if I get it downstairs by 8am there is a chance to get it back by tonight. I don’t know it really matters. There is a comfortable couch downstairs I have been meaning to try and then the morning always seems like it is wanting a photo. So my street is a combination dirt road and some pavement. The sky is a combination of beautiful morning with these wonderful clouds dashing across Siem Reap.

So now I sit downstairs and I watch other people staying here come and go. Early risers and often bringing breakfast back to their rooms. I don’t do that.

Then I met with Miss Kim. She’s my landlady and we talked a bit. Going to head for breakfast perhaps later this morning. I don’t mind doing viva every day but I think need a change so I could do Sambo for breakfast after 10am or I can wait until another day.

The sky changed now and I opened my big window to welcome in morning Siem Reap. A lizard startled me. The room coffee is ready. Life is around my corner.