So I am very excited and thrilled and happy and somewhat relieved to have received my e-visa for 30 days in Vietnam. I leave on 27 December 2022 and come back 25 January 2023. I booked all the flights as well. I leave from Siem Reap in the evening and get to Saigon later in the evening. Have 3 days to play in Saigon and then fly up to Hanoi for a few weeks. Then back to Saigon and back to Siem Reap the same day. It means I get a few days to enjoy the Tet holidays before returning home.

I have no real idea about what I’ll do when I get back besides live in Siem Reap and most likely get the same airbnb again for some months. I think I may do some wandering around in Cambodia after Vietnam. Would like to visit Kampot and Kep again. Have some retired friends that live in Kampot.

Anyways that is the news and I’m so happy to report it. Probably will start a new blog category for that trip as well as the next thousand or two of photos from Vietnam. I have so many already but there is never enough for the place.

Xin Chao Vietnam!