The morning presents itself

Good morning and Siem Reap gives us all a nice day to start with. A blank slate of a thing to fill with our heart’s desires. Today a good thing happens. I have lunch with a beautiful Khmer woman who I get to see every so often. I’ve taken her out a number of times before and she still wants to see me. I don’t understand it either but I like it.

So now I sit with the morning coffee, curtains wide open to see the blue skies come drawing no clouds at all today. Sometimes our mornings have little white things that hover around but rain rarely falls any longer. We have had some decent thunderstorms and lightning even lately but no rain.

I have this wonderful room until I leave for Vietnam in late December for a month. I really like this location and it is one of the nicest ever rooms. I had to buy a few long term things to make it nicer but all were cheap things. I also joined the water club and get a big jug of water as I need it. Kinda like what Selena did for me in Merida Mexico. I think of Merida every so often. I really loved that city. There was everything there but in the end it was not enough to have everything. I needed that unique ingredient that asia offers and has always offered me. I can’t define or fingerprint it. It just is. Like in my meditation practice I just am. Asia is for me this wonderfully rich and random life where it felt Merida was established and set but still had the randomness I have found and called the Edge.

Ahh. The Edge. That wonderful ground between the practical and the fantasy. I have lived in other places and gotten by but never felt full of what it all meant. The emptiness of California and the US particularly has left me with no desire to ever return. I don’t need to haul trailers or drive RVs or camp. My life is so much simpler. I have nothing and want nothing.

So all these things come and go over the morning coffee. Perhaps some times I look at the marks or lack of marks I’ve left. Of all things, my daughter perhaps is the finest piece of work yet unfinished. Twenty years of IT was crap. Archeology was passion.

And that’s perhaps how the morning shows itself and lets me find the velvet of the sky and I don’t see a breeze even touching the trees by the room. It is hard to remember what day it is sometimes but my laptop says it is Tuesday. Yeah. Means nothing.

Back to room coffee.