Across the Street

Over by the Old Market just about are small stands that sell a combination of food and drinks. These stands will give a plate of fried rice with chicken, pork, or beef for $1. I have done that a few times after perhaps a few too many beers when hunger strikes. My favorite though on warm Siem Reap days are the juice stands. This photo kinda gets a few. A fresh mango shake will be $1 and the nice lady now brings to this bench I sit in. I tip her $0.25 because she has a nice smile and laughs a lot and tells me I look good. Old retired guys like to hear that.

The mango shake and the red and blue tables and umbrellas and the whole little thing is fun and they get busy through the warm days of Siem Reap.

Earlier on my walk yesterday I found little scenes of beauty and solitude along the river. I had walked farther down the river walk and the river of course goes on but I crossed over on a bridge I had not used before. On the way back to do some shopping downtown for fresh fruit and some room stuff, I found a little scene which I loved of both peaceful beauty and solitude.

And that was my day in Siem Reap. Could anything be better? Well today has come and I will do more of nothing and perhaps some of something. I meet a friend for breakfast down the street.

I was lazy yesterday so did not write a post exemplifying all the wonders of Siem Reap of which there are many. Instead I just thought of the few scenes to share along my walk.

Now it is some coffee in the room. The blue skies are developing. A cloud drifts. The blog post drifts. Time to mercifully end it.