Back to Siem Reap

Well hello! How are you? I got back yesterday afternoon on the bus and then got the tuktuk from bus terminal to my new digs. This airbnb is located almost downtown and it takes me all of 5 minutes to walk to Pub Street if I desire. Today I get to meet my friend Mike and some Khmer friends at Sister Srey Cafe for some coffee and then the incomparable and beautiful Fara for lunch or coffee later in the day. I also am kinda back to wanting to record the day to day stuff but sometimes it feels like the other part of doing that is missing. I would before record day to day life on Mastodon mostly in photos or toot a link to the blog with it. I stopped with Mastodon awhile ago because I felt that one diluted the other and the blog could do all the talking. I do admit posting day to day diatribes on Mastodon was fun and interacting with some nice folks on and other instances was very rewarding. Like I had written before though in my little farewell to socials here, something had to give. I wanted the voice back on my own terms. I feel the blog does that exceedingly well so while it is tempting to go to Mastodon again, my little day to day adventures will only be here. Just as an added point, I love it if you read the blog, like the photos, comment. Or not.

So the daily Siem Reap adventures will start chapter two. If you want to see the gallery of photos from Siem Reap they are here. I also took lesser photos on my week visit to Phnom Penh because I had to tour around with J. Here are those photos.

The category for the Siem Reap is gonna continue after my little Phnom Penh interruption. Also I plan on releasing my five part fantasy story on going back to Vietnam since I actually am going back to Vietnam but the fictional story is just that. I think I will post it here before I leave and after I give it some TLC. It has been awhile since I touched it. Purposefully have not published any Going West stories also but I now have one also on Vietnam which I need to work on before going.

Anyways, now back to where I consider home. In a room, in a city, in a country I wanna be in. Siem Reap stories will continue every so often buttressed with my amazing photos. Maybe the camera is amazing. I think it is. The iPhone 14 pro is a cool toy.

That’s not Siem Reap but some country about an hour out as the bus sailed through.

I also ate and had beer last night. This was the burger scene from Pub Street. I did not eat the plant. The beer was good!

Now back to unfettered stories of Siem Reap posted every so often with photos perhaps.