Cambodian Independence Day

This week is one of festivals and a holiday here. The water festival normally occurs with boat races, food by the river, families together socializing, and everyone enjoying the reverse of the Tonle Sap River and end of rainy season.

Also today is Independence Day when Cambodia became sovereign and free from France back in the 1950s.

We went out last night for pizza and then ended up at the Le Moon sky bar which is right on the riverside for drinks. The Le Moon is an upscale hotel and the bar had live music and lots of Khmer people and tourists and maybe a few expats enjoying. We got to meet a friend of the Khmer people we were with. We had two drinks and left to go home and the streets were really going strong into the evening.

Now it’s my last full day and room coffee is going. I’m kinda watching Channel News Asia which comes from Singapore. Election news from the US. Waiting for more Asia news. Television news is not something I do often.

I think later today will have to go for a walk around. Tomorrow I head back I guess to home or Siem Reap or whatever it shall be called. I’ll be glad to get back. Phnom Penh has been really busy with people with the week long festivities. Tomorrow I board the bus at 830am and ride to Siem Reap with two stops perhaps and then a new airbnb that will go from tomorrow to end of December this year and maybe longer. I have no idea what I am gonna do. Some people in Vietnam want me to visit then no matter how long I can stay. I had kinda thought of going to Kampot Cambodia and then crossing the land border at Ha Tien Vietnam and catching a bus to Can Tho.

I don’t know I will do that or that I will fly from Siem Reap to Saigon. Flying is much faster. I still only get 30 days to go play in Vietnam.

Anyways, last post from the big city. Back to the place I really like for the day to day. See you on the flip side of a 6 hour bus ride tomorrow.