Halide releases new pro camera

I’m an appreciative Halide user but the UI has seemed scruffy and slow. So today I took a look at the new release. I am still not taken with the UI. It seems both paltry and overdone. One thing is changing from 12mp to 46. Instead of a simple slider one must use a switch. How about just a customizable button? Also is the rather goofy way to change exposure. Sometimes I instead get manual or automatic shooting. That is not a choice I want to make to adjust exposure compensation.

They did add the digital 2x zoom for my iPhone 14 pro toy. That is where the UI goes from paltry to overblown. Geez. For a pro camera app you think they would strive for a middle ground that’s fully customizable.

Even so I paid a year subscription fee in the hopes it gets better. Easier menu items. More customizable UI. Faster shooting. The app has these flaws or limits like it’s macro mode.

Its easy to pass it by really but then the developers have no incentive to improve the experience.

Here’s a photo taken with the 46mp JPEG option. Now halide. Make it faster, easier, with more customizing options.