Days finishing up in Phnom Penh

I have two more days left and then I catch the bus back to Siem Reap. My friend J must stay behind to get his visa extension done since this week is a holiday week and government offices seem closed or with limited hours. Yesterday I walked over to road I really enjoy walking. Past the night market, it leads up to perhaps the tallest building in Phnom Penh known as the Vattanac Building. You can see it here.

It’s the blue tinted building behind the brown one. At one of the higher levels is a skybar which we were gonna try to do but we did not this time. Leading up to the building there are a series of parks with small cafes and stores lining the walk. I think this is particularly a popular area for picnicking and drinking some cold beverages any day of the week.

Last night the sky was turning some pretty colors and folks were out to enjoy the cooling temperatures.

We are kind of at the tail end of rainy season so there are still days with some rain and thunder showers but Phnom Penh looks really good this time of the year. Siem Reap is the same but I think there is a longer rainy season and we are still having days with rain back there my friend Mike tells me.

Getting back to Siem Reap, I have a airbnb for almost 50 days which I booked after a few changes with J coming over. Now I will go back and enjoy the new place and perhaps after that get an apartment or maybe just go to Malaysia instead. I have been thinking also of going to Kampot for a month. It is easy to cross over the border to Vietnam from Kampot. I would need an evisa for Vietnam which is gettable online. Issue is it is only 30 days and I cannot stay long enough to be there for Tet which some part of my Vietnamese family wants. The other part wanted me there for my birthday as well. Can’t be done without a visa run so I decided to not go at all.

Anyways, if I make it to Kampot, I can also get to Kep for a few days and enjoy some fresh seafood there. There is or was a boat that ran the river from Kampot to Kep at sunset. Takes a few hours and the cost way back when was like $10 for beer and food included.

So anyways, back to Siem Reap on Thursday. Takes the day on the bus. Then get back to this lifestyle of walking, taking photos there, eating and drinking with friends there. Breakfast at Viva always rules! Then a coffee stop at Noi Cafe to while away an afternoon in those chairs.

Meanwhile tonight kind of a farewell to friends here with pizza dinner at pizza 4P. Not sure when I’m back in Phnom Penh again.

Take care all.