Blog themes and stuff

I decided I wanted to try my hand at WordPress Block theming. I found this kind of starter theme called Powder which is very minimal so been playing with it a bit. The graphical theme editor is okay but it does have rough edges and sometimes does not display text blocks correctly in the preview it seems. Also it is a sea change from the old theme customizer.

What I do like is the ability to change everything about the theme and how it looks by simple experimentation. I can kinda mess things up and I know how to get them back to some state. The Powder theme is very responsive and easy to use so it is good for a beginner like me. At the beginning the theme has this minimal look which means I really don’t have to change much but I do like making small changes quickly like fonts and elements in the header. I am not a big time theme guy but this theme makes it pretty easy to be able to make things look different, change fonts, add stuff.

Then there is stuff

I mentioned stuff. Yeah we have stuff. I have about 4 days left in Phnom Penh with my friend Jason. He has to stay to get his visa extension because of some festival days this next week and government offices are on minimal schedules or just closed even though the celebration and festivities here are cancelled. We’ve been kinda touring around the city, meeting some Khmer friends I have here and there, and going shopping in the different markets. Today we went to Central Market which is probably the biggest. Then we walked through a nice temple complex and went to a local market on the street so he could see what an asian market looks like away from the big dome of the Central Market. If you have not been to an asian market, it’s at points overwhelming with the choices. There are stalls for clothing, appliances, and then there is the wet market. Here are chickens, beef, seafood, vegetables, and fruit. English is not spoken a lot in this market so when we went it’s better to have an idea of what it is you want, have Riel to pay for the items, and just be flexible. It is good to go with a Khmer person as well. My friend Ah Vy has taken me to different markets here a few times and we stopped at different stalls, talked with the people, got to see different products, and also met a few shopkeepers.

It was fun at a stuff level also today to find a place to have some really good pho bo and quay. This was much closer to what I would expect in Vietnam but the fun part was at the Central Market the waitresses did not speak English so at first did not know quite what I wanted. Finally a young girl that worked there helped me out and I spent about $3 for a wonderful bowl of pho, an iced tea, and the fried bread called Quay. Nice stuff!

Because variety is a nice spice, tonight we will go to Cousins Burgers not very far from here but we will tuktuk there. They have really good burgers there. Phnom Penh is nice for international food choices and I can usually find really good Indian or Greek or Italian places.

Far from that the next few days we will do other stuff. Like take my dear friend AV out for pizza one night at the fabulous Pizza 4Ps. This is a chain restaurant and I have been so many times to their locale in Hanoi. The pizza is always wonderful and the service at the restaurant in Phnom Penh is excellent.

Also will meet my friend Chet and a friend of hers at Starbucks tomorrow for a late coffee thing. She is bringing a Khmer friend of hers along so we can meet her too.

Been a lot of fun getting back and I guess meeting mostly Khmer women here. Can’t say I complain. My friends in Siem Reap are asking me to please come back soon so we can all eat and drink together. Thursday I head back on a bus from here to there. Originally it was a short stay in an airbnb to find an apartment and then things changed half dozen times so I go back now to a longer stay in a really nice airbnb and have time in Siem Reap to find an apartment, get some personal life things done, see my friends, and also settle back into the more slow paced and easy life that I so love in Siem Reap.

Anyways, that is it for blog themes and stuff. It is always fun to combine the things which maybe don’t belong together but today was this mixed bag of things we did, places we went, stuff we saw. While I like Phnom Penh, I could not live here so I am happily going back to this life I do love in Siem Reap.

Take care all. Happy stuff to you.