from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Today in a bit I ride the bus. I leave at 845am and I think I will get in by 3pm. The bus service is Giant Ibis which is has one of the nicest services including WiFi, free food and water, and very friendly services. We will likely make a rest stop half way at one of the rest stop plus cafes.

I’ll just take a few photos and put them here as I go. First step is my bus.

Nice and modern service. With WiFi that works some of the time. Nice to have 4g service that I use when I want.

The bus took off on time. We rode about 3 hours to some rest stop and had lunch. The place was rather pretty and the food cost a little more than usual. I paid for the ambiance 😃.

An interesting factoid. The second photo was taken with halide and it gives me a 48mp jpeg file. Pretty convinced the iPhone 14 pro is a fun toy.

Now back on the road. We have two more hours and one rest stop until Phnom Penh. It’s difficult to take photos out the window because the glass is dirty and leaves photos I don’t care for.

The bus moves along nice paved and sealed roads at about 55 mph. Decent for here considering the last time I did this route the road was not in such good shape. The bus remains the best and easiest way to go between cities and provinces in Cambodia. Routes extend all over the kingdom and one can book on 12go if one desires. The advantage of 12go is you see all the methods to reach a place, costs, time and some reviews. Give it a look if going to Asia.

Okay on to the final rest stop and then about 1.5 hours to the big city. Now we reached the rest area. This is a 15 minute rest stop at a pretty area.

The Batheay Restaurant and Rest stop is located along a lagoon or waterway.

Thatched huts give nice places to sit and eat.

Now we’re done and the last hour or so of road beckons. The bus reminds me in some ways of Amtrak travels. I never went to arrive but instead to find my way there. The bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh reminds me of the journeys last year across the western US and then back.

Now it’s shorter yet each mile seems haunting or with a sad refrain of wheels slowly eating the distance and me not caring really. Too much of my life before was about departing and arriving and doing. Now I simply wish to be.

And all my life seems like this bus ride. Simply being. Forget the clocks and times. Years ago in a Starbucks in Tokyo I said okay. And then I said done. And all of it mystically was reborn. This ride is just the latest incarnation of being. My favorite meditation instructor would say to just be. Forget positions and words and sounds. Just be.

We are at our best when we can just be. Let loose of the devils and saints. Just being who and what and where the fuck we are.