daily Siem Reap

Daily notes but no photos yet. This post will continue through evening and be posted then.

Things today brought to light that were in darkness.

  1. Basic computer class is very important to learn skills so my friend Lina can find work. Many jobs require basic literacy on the computer and they use the requirement to “raise the bar” for hiring. To get a basic class costs more than what she has. Life in Cambodia is sort of at this digital crossroads where learning basic computer skills can lead to new positions. Today I helped her to be able to compete down the road.
  2. Age can be a barrier as well as literacy. Many employers seem to think older Khmer have few skills. In all, older Khmer women operate at a skills and life disadvantage compared to their younger counterparts. Can’t beat age. But can offer more skills.
  3. Relationships are tricky. I am not good at them. But who really is? Anyone who says they have mastered that skill is a bigger BS artist. We simply can never understand someone else. They only let us know what they want us to know. Like reading a book where pages are missing or not numbered correctly. At the end of this little diatribe is this as we were finishing breakfast. She says,

May I please leave now?

I hear this a lot from her. I tell her I don’t own her but the act of giving a little money seems to change all of the above. So I just secretly realize I will never understand another person. Ever.

migrating to afternoon and evening

So we move on in this post. I realize have not shared a photo yet but soon will walk unless I stop for a coffee. The morning kind of says adios. In Mexico soon they would say buenas tardes. Often after 2pm and until sometime at night. I miss Merida sometimes but I realize I would not feel as happy or alive there. I simply need asia but like Mexico. The two only coexist in my old retired guy brain.

I realize I am pretty happy right here. Lazy and inclined to order another coffee. So I will. Sitting at Viva has no downside. I just pay for another americano coffee.

See? Even dogs are happy and lazy. Me too.

evening comes from afternoon

It seems like my last day in Siem Reap but not really. Tonight I take my Khmer friend Fara out for dinner somewhere. We will meet at 530 and then wander around in search of a place she wants. I don’t really care because food is food. Last time we had lunch at Greek restaurant. That was really good! Tomorrow is my last day so I say goodbye to the room I’ve stayed in over a month and move along albeit slowly at bus speed to Phnom Penh.

So the time ends and the tuktuk sits. And life after all gyrates and spins. The coffee shop lets me sit and write. Work on nothing.

And I think that’s a good time to end this soliloquy and also bid adieu for a week to my little take on Siem Reap living. You’ll find new posts in Phnom Penh soon. Maybe the bus ride there on Wednesday. A week goes by and then back.

See you in Phnom Penh.