social media and meds

I have this proposition. There are people out there who hate on social media. Despise it. Slam it in blog and forum posts. They hate Elon Musk and hate Facebook and despise Instagram. Proclaim loudly on their bully pulpits they are forever done. But you know what? They are not done.

Because they continue to expand and expound in posts often their hatred for said services. Why? If you hate something so much why proclaim it all the time. I think it is your med. I think you are like the verse in Hamlet.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

Source: hamlet by Shakespeare

Your med is you need something to hate. Then you can forever create content about it. I am not a big time rss fan. The echo chamber in rss is deafening. The same ole same ole protesting occupies way too many cycles for people who proclaim to hate it. Your med. your choice. I used rss until today. Now it goes away again. Your repeats tire me out. Protest too much methinks.

I think you all need a chill pill on it all. After posts every other day i get it. You hate it all. Over and over. Ad nauseum.

So go outside for heavens sake. Take a walk. Smell the air. See the trees. I don’t care if you like it or not. I did not quit mastodon because I hate it. Far from it. I quit like I had written. I wanted a single voice for what I do.

I don’t need to hear the same ejaculations over and again so I will stop reading blog posts that circle the wagons around all that crap. It’s a done deal. You don’t care. You don’t use. So why dredge it up. Geez.