last weekend this time in Siem Reap

Wow! Seems like a month went by. I lost track of the days last week. This week i will take care of my laundry at a next day service for $1 and head to Giant Ibis bus station Wednesday. It takes about 6 hours or so to get to Phnom Penh. I’ll be posting a few last photos into my Siem Reap living project and then taking more daily photos back in Phnom Penh.

I managed to get some really nice walks in the rural areas here the last month plus just renewing the acquaintance with the city, restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

For a week or so I stay in Vacation Boutique Hotel which is kinda close to both Central Market and riverside. I’ve stayed before there. Then my friend J shows up Thursday and we spend a week so he can get to know the city. After a week we get on another bus and ride back to Siem Reap. He stays 2 weeks. I’m not sure how long I will. Perhaps I will do Vietnam in December but more likely I will go to Malaysia. Who knows. Who cares. I don’t.

So to wrap up my daily times I’ll be posting more photos of the city here, my walks and then maybe the bus ride. From today I thought the tree was so beautiful and stately as I walked the river walk later in the day.

Siem Reap is so walkable now but the real joy is reaching the rural areas. Dirt roads and smiles. Hellos and photos.

Another cold beer? Ok. Then my Khmer friend Lina messages me. Holds my hand. Tells me I am handsome. Well I know not. But we talk and life spins all around and I end up at another bar. Where the beer is cheaper and I can stumble to a place to get a tuktuk. I don’t understand women. She gives me this wonderful Khmer sensuous and wonderfully sexual look. I think only Khmer women can reach that point.

Anyways. A good day. Food and beer and more beer. Life. When did life become so simple yet so full? When I got back to Asia. This edge that lights up all my times. I do wonder if being alone lasts. Cambodia has this saying,

same same but different

Yeah. That’s life this past weekend and only mere days to go to reach the big city. No leaving here. Cambodia has my soul in its edge.