Saturday reflections

Maybe time for a regular post here. I’m not quite sure what regular means these days living in Siem Reap. Regular maybe means,

  1. Forgetting time. Somehow time has gotten away from me. It feels like every time and all time. Like wearing no watch or paying particular attention to the when of food means I escape the time prison. Perhaps like in Mexico when my friend Silena at the Airbnb would tell me it was Saturday. She’d laugh and tell me in Spanish to go eat. Or have coffee. Time simply got away. Hours tick madly for some. Time to do this or not that. When I left time behind I had enough for it all. Throw away your watches. Forget syncing your iPhone and Apple Watch ultra. Let time go.
  2. Lost days, weeks, months. Here in Cambodia those things also got lost. Kind of like how I imagined it when I did program management for decades. Losing accountability and responsibility.

Then there is the finding. Like this old house there are twists and turns to find life.

Up on stilts. Rural Cambodia. But so beyond our normal ken. I found my way here by accident. A turning dirt road. Smiling and laughing Khmer people waving at me. Kids saying hello. Then the house. A magical and deserted place yet it felt alive. I knew I had to memorize it and the iPhone 14 pro did the job.

Then the day was over. Over to beers and talking with the waitresses at one of the Temple Bars. They tease me. I tease them. They flirt. I smile. We all laugh.

Then a tuktuk ride home. And another nameless day and night dissolved. To where matters not. It became today. Whatever that means. Now it’s a morning. At Sister Srey Cafe. And I write this to regard the morning. Remember the house. Take another day in some nameless paradise where neither time or days matter.

Maybe another latte. Yes. That would be good. See you soon. Adios from Cambodia. Kingdom of Wonder.