Next week a little travel here and there

Next week I catch the Siem Reap to Phnom Penh bus. I have a friend coming in to live in Cambodia, get the retirement extension, and decide where he wants to spend some time. We will be spending a week at the Vacation Boutique Hotel downtown. I picked the hotel because it has a nice location. Close enough to Central Market but also we can reach riverside as we want.

The week is spent with J getting a SIM card for his phone, a visa extension, meeting a few Khmer people there for some food. Mostly he wants to see if Phnom Penh might be where he lives. I can’t live in Phnom Penh. Way too busy and crowded.

So then after a week we take the bus back to Siem Reap and he spends a few weeks here checking it out. I have no idea his plan after that but not really my concern. I figure I will have done what I said I would when he let me know he was coming over to live awhile.

I met J last year in Merida Mexico when I first stayed there. He was at this same airbnb hovel we shared with a host that never cleaned the place or took care of guests. Yet it was cheap. Worth noting, my second stay was a much nicer place in a different district where things just worked. Like hot water for showers, a nice fridge in the room that got upgraded while I was there, and the host cleaned the room weekly for me. She also invited me to meals with the family and I got to meet her mom who became a friend there. I miss her!

Anyways, a week away from Siem Reap and then back. Originally I would have gone to Vietnam in December but because of stupidity with visa laws there, I refuse to go back until they change their nonsensical 30 day visa limits. So instead I decided to not decide after December. I could find an apartment. I could also just leave for Malaysia for 90 days. I won’t do Thailand. Waste of a place especially Bangkok but Malaysia is so doable. I also can cross down to Singapore and go see some old friends there I worked with some lifetime ago.

Someone asked me what will probably happen. Truth is I have no idea. I stopped making decisions when I got the year visa in Cambodia. That was so easy. I don’t care for consistency, decisions, responsibilities, tasks or any of it and I would have to do some of those things to decide what I will do. It is just as easy to find an apartment here in Siem Reap when J and I come back. I do have an airbnb here for almost 50 days which takes me to end of December. Then? No one knows. I sure don’t.

So, a week in Phnom Penh is coming up. Time to go see the big city again. Do nothing there but visit a few coffee shops, restaurants, and bars I like with J. The day by day life in Siem Reap continues after with some new home location closer to the city center. That is a good and bad.

I think I will decide on going to Malaysia and perhaps Singapore in November or so. The flights are reasonable. I have this ideal itinerary in Malaysia. Would like to get back to Melaka again, see KL which I never tire of, and also go explore the train from KL to Georgetown.

And it’s a Thursday here. My last at this place so I will go explore a coffee shop here today. After some time spent doing nothing. Maybe besides sharing a little photo with you all. Because Siem Reap goes on day to day and so do I taking photos of whatever it is I find.

I always love finding the little things like magic hands! Plus all the other little signs which just seem presented to share with you all.