building Siem Reap one photo at a time

One of my desires living here was to find and record some kind of daily life both in words and photos. I think this was complicated by also posting on mastodon. It seemed too many places to say and show. So I kinda stopped with the personal project. Then I decided I should reinvigorate it. Restate it but with only one voice. Things become distilled or changed when repeated too many times. There was a story an anthropologist told me in graduate school about a joke that was told and spread across some large continent. Bit by bit it changed as it was retold. Soon it had traversed the entirety east to west and it was hardly recognizable from its gestation.

I kinda felt that way with the stories here and then the toots on mastodon. Like something supplanted the other. Like my words and photos vied against each other competing somehow. Did not like that too much but I also wanted to share on both. What I realized finally is the blog is the place to do it all. It is more natural and organic. It has reach, with RSS, with my ideas reinforced by whatever content.

Today I bring you one beautiful building shot with the iPhone 14 Pro ultra wide camera because it’s fun and funky. This device makes up so much and I really enjoy just the use of it.

These buildings seem so stately and gorgeous yet mute. Closed and maybe some day to reopen with new things inside. New feelings to capture. New emotions to grasp from those sharp edges.

Then down this street feel the cool breezes. It’s the river dancing and skidding. Voices laughing and smiles from the Khmer men drinking cold beer. Waving at me and asking if I’d like a beer. I’m not done walking and the river claims me.

In one moment it gives beauty and my steps pick up. Back to the coffee shop I can find the big chairs and bring all this to blog and story.