turning away from socials

Awhile ago maybe two years ago I blew up Facebook. Not content with that wanton act of destruction I took out Twitter. One remained which in retrospect was easiest. Instagram. It just seemed so easy to pull that trigger.

Now I interact on the fediverse on a nice mastodon instance around photography. I like it there but. But it’s time to say goodbye to that too I feel. While I really like the folks and the mission, I feel the time has passed me by somehow. Like my roots and likes and boosts and comments stopped being anything at all.

I’ve felt awhile to let my blog do the talking. It has this voice, this reach, and a commitment by me to keep going. I could not end the blog but keep mastodon.

So today I wander around the city. Walking. Thinking. I met someone. She could be important to me and perhaps already is. I feel we somehow belong together. Between smiles and teasing and her blushing at my humor. Her holding my hand. Touching my face. Those dark Khmer eyes. Knowing. Yet a mystery. It’s a strange, wonderful, warm and sensuous feeling. A woman holding my hand again. The touch and even feeling her heart beat.

What to say? What indeed. Goodbye to my last social network. Mastodon went because it too ended it’s time with me. I needed nothing. Mastodon was something. Just something not enough and too much.

The blog lives on. Long live it. I go on. Perhaps not alone so much. Life has strange ways of interacting and twining itself in so many random ways.

Here on my edge.