Its a visa thing you know

There’s always a thing to contend with. People want to retire in Vietnam. Cannot be done unless you marry a Vietnamese person or get a job. Even then, you cannot just live there. Like someone once said,

there is always some hitch in the getalong

Back in 2020 and before I could go to Vietnam for 3 months or 6 or even a year but they still had these silly laws. With 6 month or 1 year tourist visas one had to leave every 3 months. Then the pandemic struck and I was in Vietnam on a year visa but I extended it every 3 months and then every month. Until I decided and failed to start a LLC in Vietnam. Then I just left. Perhaps frustrated at some of the visa laws. I went back to the US and rode the Amtrak around for some months in 2021 and then settled in Mexico. Mexico gives 180 days no real questions asked unless they wonder why you are going. If you are old like me, they figure I have some money to live on (and I do). But then in 2021 I left and by that time Vietnam opened but only after Cambodia had. Still only have the 30 day visa. Cambodia has many visa schemes so I got the 1 year extension of stay known as the retirement EOS. No questions asked. Pay my $300. Can come and go as I please. Cambodia wishes me to pay money to Khmer folks, businesses, travel. And I do.

I decided to not go back to Vietnam in December because of the silly visa laws but also I really would like to stop living in Airbnb rooms awhile and have something more here in Siem Reap. So I started looking for an apartment and then this acquaintance messaged me and told me he was coming over. I met him in Mexico and he arrives on 3 November. So I zoom back on the bus to Phnom Penh for a week and meet him and get him kind of settled. He need the basic stuff. So we will go do that in a week plus get him his very own retirement extension.

Then I come back again to Siem Reap to take up living here but because of the changes with him coming and me wanting to just help him a bit, I am delayed getting my apartment.

Anyways, we will come back to Siem Reap on 10 November and he will decide what he wants to be when he grows up. Meanwhile of course, plans were started and then stopped to reach Vietnam in January. I had wanted to see my Lily there, stay with my somewhat extended Vietnamese family in Hanoi that I have not seen since 2021, and also visit a few people in Saigon. All of that seemed like a lot I guess because I move so slow in life these days. So Vietnam did not change while just about every other country did. Lets just recap:

  1. Taiwan is open. 90 days for free
  2. Malaysia is open. 90 days for free
  3. Thailand? I don’t give a F about Thailand
  4. Singapore is open. 90 days for free
  5. Japan is open. 90 days for free

There are probably other places I am missing but the third one is not gonna be gone back to. The others I wish to visit but only because I get to move so slowly. I don’t like rushing my time. I stayed a month in Taipei before. A month in Kuala Lumpur. Singapore is too expensive so a week there.

And Japan! Expensive but we are talking Japan. I want this train trip from north to south in Japan starting in Hokkaido.

And Vietnam? Well, like they say…

Its a visa thing you know.