where walking took me

Today in my little adventures in Siem Reap I started at this nice Starbucks in the Lifestyle Center. I walked to the river then and one of my favorite little strolls. The river is so tranquil and parts to me are stunning.

Along the nicely paved sidewalk I can continue finding things striking my fancy or imagination.

The stairs grabbed me before and I wanted to share and maybe dream on some pathway to a different world above the river they might lead me to. But the gate stops me but not the dream.

Sometimes I see a thing which takes me to a farther site. A little scene and a reflection that stirs me.

Truth is I end up with no truth. I always come back to not having any truths to share. No timely travel tips. A lack of meaning.

And the lack is what takes me to the final little place to stop. I sit at Noi Cafe and the river streams on. No senseless chapters or parts. No Netflix series. Just the window out to some world that truly leads nowhere.

But you were not looking for enlightenment here, right?