Small Wins and Day One

I reached not really a milestone but a desire today when I hit 500 diary entries in Day One. It feels good because now I look back this Wednesday morning and the entries reflect a life spent doing whatever the last years. I actually was writing during the dark years back in 2009 but I found those entries to be way too dark and almost forbidding so they went away. Then it was markdown files but I flirted with Day One on and off. Now each day probably starts with some writing in Day One. I could also end my day with it if there are things that come my way or when I reach them.

The blog continues but I have purposefully stopped publishing every day in favor of writing content in my little project to document some kind of life in Siem Reap over. I’m sure other things will come the blog’s way as I go.

As an example, I will be leaving Siem Reap in a few weeks to meet my friend J in Phnom Penh. We will wander around the city there for a week and then come back to Siem Reap. I’ll be in an Airbnb then because things were one way and then they became another way and then they went in a different direction. Just like diary entries often do I guess.

Catch you next time here.