coffee culture and walks

Today decided to try yet another place for some latte. Right by Siem Reap River is Brothers coffee and cocktails. The shop is a small delight with really nice drinks and prices. Sitting by the river with a coffee in the morning is a joy. People wander by and I can decide to simply stay and write here or read the kindle or just do nothing.

There is never a hurry or rush in this coffee culture. Life operates in SR at the slow speed.

Now I sit with my iced latte for $1.35 and decide to not decide. Deciding and doing is hard business and not suited for life in Cambodia.

When I flashed forward, I found myself in the middle of a beautiful day in Siem Reap. Coffee done, I set out to uncover little places I could go walk down, take photos of, and feel almost like some first primitive investigator seeking out the mysteries of the city. In Siem Reap there are little pathways encouraging me to find more of them.

Kind of forgotten places yet the gate lie open. The trail beckons me to find a thing but I decide to just continue because the trail I am on is also calling.

What has it always been about these scenes to me? The little places which always seem to have big things just out of reach? Do you look for them in your city or country or park?

This particular trail took me almost back to the river. I resisted the google maps urge to simply walk and take photos. I have to say the iPhone 14 pro is a good travel buddy. The screen and cameras seem ready to just let me capture the things without worrying about this or that setting. So I can go down these little walk and puzzle them. See how the pavement ends or starts almost randomly.

I slowly found my way back to a larger road. It also calls to me with things to find. Each time walking here is like the first time but I really love finding the stores along the way that have just about everything I could want and a lot I don’t.

Too soon though I found myself with that feeling of being done. The river was ahead of me. The tuktuk parked and pointing to a direction or destination. I hate destinations. They always are an end and I would strive mightily to disrupt that. Find another trail or sidewalk or little alley to yet reach more. I did not though. Instead I found myself gliding slowly back to the Siem Reap River. Today so beautiful.

Yes the tuktuks maybe point in some cardinal direction. Just not for me.

My first stop though…

This is the first step and stop and along my Days of Siem Reap work. It has changed a bit and it will change more. It won’t be an everyday thing. I have things I want to tell you about. Little accounts of feelings lost and found as my feet carry me to another place in the city. So tomorrow or the next day there may not be this report or story. I think both you, dear reader, and I would burn out. Remember these posts continue with no schedule at all and only based on what I want to do. I always have words I wish to share but I also want the words to be what I want.

Take care all.