Moment of Sadness and Some Grief

I had this friend Nancy I worked with for a number of years at IBM. We did these global data center projects for Global Technology Services before IBM started going nuts and getting rid of contractors. I lasted through a few restructuring events because our customer believed we were mission essential contractors so they hated to lose IT partners they could blame for things I guess. Nancy and I had some fun times doing one particular disaster recovery program for an oil and gas exploration company out of Houston. Like I mentioned, all the work was remote and we never actually met. I would fix this in 2020 when I got to visit them in Austin and spend some days enjoying their Texas hospitality. Her husband George was legendary in the Austin music scene and would sit on the porch writing poetry and playing an acoustic guitar. Often serenading the beauty of his life. Nancy would sit and hum along or comment on the words and it seemed the moments would go on forever. The music never does go away but unfortunately the people that make it are not so fortunate.

George was this kindly and knowledgeable poet and musician who brightened whatever life stage he found himself on. I enjoyed his memories of the music scene in Austin and the people he knew. His song rang true for years and he would post poetry and memories on Facebook often. I think people felt blessed with the friendship and love both of them shared.

I wanted to see them last year but covid intervened because George was immunocompromised and they were afraid of visits. So when I left Vietnam I traveled around on the train as I’ve written here before and I changed a trip to see them both. The result was never seeing George again because in July this year he passed away after some years of diminished health. I also had not heard from Nancy although I had sent a few emails to her. I could not understand why she would not answer and calling seemed an intrusion so I did not. That was a mistake then. I realized there are people that want to hear from me. Maybe a few. Not my ex wife for sure :-).

So this morning I got a text message to google voice from Nancy and she let me know of his passing in July. It happens then I was in one of their favorite places to go. Mexico. I had no idea in July and I would leave Mexico in September and come back here.

Many of the ties are so fragile yet enduring and now I look back at the days with Nancy working. The few days sitting with George on their front porch out of Austin and hearing the beautiful music which I believe came from a gentle soul. That voice is silenced in some ways but the messages are not.

Now I will never believe I would intrude on Nancy-o. She was this wonderful work partner and friend then and I had no idea what happened and I think George probably declined in health since last year when we could not meet.

Farewell George. Your music and poetry and the style of your life gave so much. I let Nancy know I love her and miss her. She works on doing IT in Texas. Just alone now. I will call her one day soon now that I know what happened. Take care Nancy. You don’t read the blog and that is okay too. Miss and love you kiddo.