Distance to Siem Reap

Today I leave for Siem Reap. I could have taken the bus there which is about 5 hours give or take but instead decided to fly this time. Flying from here to there is 50 minutes. So yeah. I am lazy today and decided to do the quick trip on Cambodia Angkor Airlines. The flight leaves at 130pm today and gets in 50 minutes later. From the airport, my airbnb host has arranged a tuktuk for me to the residence.

From now until 2 November, I’ll be staying in Siem Reap or as most call it SR. The desire for blogging and photography is to create this record of my time during the month. Since I’ll be returning to SR with my friend Jason I will pick things up again at a new airbnb when we return. I had decided SR would be home for awhile but when I decided that it was before I knew my friend was coming over for a visit or to live or whatever in heck he will do.

I also have a few friends in SR that are retired expats to catch up with. Both I have known for some years. Since the first month will be both walking and tuktuk experiences plus maybe a trip to Angkor Wat with my friend Chet and her family, I’ll try to capture the events and not so much the days although I do want to show the daily expression of walking in the city. I’ve enjoyed this in the past and since Siem Reap River runs through the town, it is easy to use the river as kind of a baseline for the wandering.

There are also some restaurants to find again. One I will do on Monday when it opens for breakfast. I have a few all time favorite breakfast places and one is Sister Srey Cafe right by the old market in the central part of the city. I hope to go taste their wondrous hashed browns and coffee on Monday.

So anyways, while I think I will be able to post daily on the movements, things may lag a bit from the walking and photography to creating blog posts. I’ll also capture the movement on my mastodon instance. I think since I have been using the fediverse it has been toward the day to day experience and the blog hopefully will take in the longer thoughts or random ramblings.

So anyways, welcome a little later today to Siem Reap. So much more than Angkor Wat and a place to cool off and do my normal stuff from now until November 2d. All the photos and video will be from the new toy; the iPhone 14 Pro which is a lot of fun to use and the photography just seems so much better to me. Maybe I will explore more with the ProRAW photos but I kinda doubt I will do a lot there since it always seems to me that the JPEGs from the phone are nice to share.

Here’s to a new category on WordPress. Time to fill it up with senseless ramblings and detritus from SR.