Losing something I don’t want to lose

There are some things I will never do for whatever reason like omg.lol as a web service or platform or going back to some blogging platform I don’t really trust to keep my words easily available for use elsewhere. I settled on WordPress not because I am a lover of the platform but it simply gave me back what I wanted with plugins and themes and then I found Cloudways which has given me the hosting support but also the month to month payment as I want to do. I could quit but there is not another blogging platform I trust and I’ve stopped at a few.

I also don’t really want to mix platforms although I don’t love Apple stuff to the exclusion of all else. I did Linux since the middle 90s and I became disaffected I guess because I did it at the enterprise level. The same with losing doing Program Management. Disaffected and stressed out and tired of data centers and infrastructure and too many 18 hour days on WebEX calls with contractors and vendors and partners. Programs which were scoped to be done in X months but had to be done instead in Y months for business or technology or sales reasons.

When it came to photog.social as my Mastodon instance though, the alarm was raised! I simply value the interaction not just at the photography level but the social and discussion level. I don’t want to change instances. I love where I am. I asked a person if I could be accepted at another and they said definitely yes. Truth is though I have been with photog.social since 2018. I’ve posted my garbage there since that long and I just enjoy the presence. It took no real decision to donate money but I also hope sustainment comes from others. I prefer one time donations to the month to month things myself. Others perhaps will go with the monthly support. What I hope is others see the value in our instance and will support it however they wish to do it. Losing it would mark a sad passage for me. I could simply change to another instance but I want my photog.social the way it is. Both photo sharing and discussion as we want.

So I can sit and revel in a morning. Find distractions. On the iPhone 14 pro I can shoot 48mp JPEG images which come in less than half the size of ProRAW if I use Halide. I don’t particularly love halide either but it does offer some stuff. Then I used darkroom to edit the resulting 48mp JPEG. The size drops to 50% of the original size. Cool tech toys. Fun stuff to play with.

Meanwhile I just sit with coffee on a Thursday. Two days to go and then Siem Reap.

I hope photog.social survives. Life would be much less without it. I can easily skip cute web apps that don’t do anything but this app does something for me. It makes me happy to share blog posts, images, and respond to others. I know I can go. Maybe I still will need to go. Who knows. I have another friendly instance to migrate to. Perhaps the funding model falls down and can’t get up. I’d still donate to them over money spent on silly and cute pursuits.