Little Days

Some days on the voyage are little days. Maybe most are little days. It seems in my life things change with alacrity yet they are things which I just accept or ignore or decide to live with. Last night I received an email from my friend here Ah Vy. She is a Khmer woman I met here years ago and we would go to malls, out for dinner, she would laugh and tell me time is not real in Cambodia. So we invented two kinds of time. AV time was whatever she wanted it to be and Mike time. Mike time was regular time or so. Really though when I retired I let the whole thread of time go so when she emailed me and told me she saw me out walking and could not call me I was happy for the end of yesterday’s little day. She is the one person I could not find my time here.

Since I’m living for a year in Cambodia I felt pretty certain I would find her but there are lots of Khmer people and I had no real idea where to look. Instead we will meet for lunch tomorrow at the same place I met her years ago and I get to have her back again as a friend.

The little days here go by and Saturday I will fly to Siem Reap and live there a month this time and get to see some retired expat friends there and just wander the city streets, the country, perhaps go back to Angkor Wat again for a day tour. I’ll really enjoy the slow little days in Siem Reap which is a lot more than some beautiful temples in antiquity. The city itself has this feeling to it like a small city but with exquisite restaurants and friendly people.

This morning though will be coffee soon and my new toy to take photos with and have fun with. The iPhone 14 Pro is all I could ask for in an upgrade. It has doodads and thingies I like. Most of all it is a fun toy and I like the photos it takes. I have not played with the ProRAW stuff yet so I don’t know about the 48mp photos. I would not take pictures of dogs and bicycles with it but I would try on more challenging things to see what it can do. The images are sufficiently larger so I am glad to have gotten the 256gb phone. I won’t try to save them but will get JPEG exports and save off to SmugMug.

And the little days go on

Now I can sit here and type this on my wonderful MacBook Air. It seems all my tech stuff comes from Asia. This laptop came from Vietnam and has traveled back and forth and around with me since 2021 early on.

I can’t even begin to measure the little days because they all seem to be little. Not manageable or with large events worthy of recording. Perhaps when I retired all things became small from those older days when all things seemed complex and required management to deal with. So glad that now I have nothing that requires that. All the days are little days. The walks take me to markets and malls and historic sites and temples or pagodas.

Let the days never become big. Small suits me more and I can move through them slowly with no purpose or method at all. Well, there is one thing this morning. Coffee gonna come from down the street and maybe some photos before I meet my friend Chet at 1pm. Perhaps we will decide to just sit at Starbucks and talk but I hope we hop a tuktuk and go to the Russian Market.

If not, I will be back in early November because my friend from Mexico Jason arrives in Cambodia then and we will wander around together for awhile. More little days.

Hello night mode on iPhone 14 pro. One of my very first photos of the end of a rainy day spent getting wet out walking.

Bye for now!