Part of the Joy of Living this way

It seems a friend will be making his way to Cambodia to live awhile early November. He wants to kind of travel around the kingdom for awhile to find a place he would like to live. The original plan was to go to Siem Reap this Saturday, find a place to live long term, and then leave again in December for Vietnam for a month. Now things have changed and I don’t think I will get an apartment since I will not be in one place for too long through the end of the year. I wrote down an idea. Not a plan. I don’t do plans and I copied it our chat on WhatsApp to see if it works for him.

Basically the idea puts back all the randomness of life I have had and loved for the last years over the rest of this year. I will come back to Phnom Penh in early November, meet up with him, spend a week here and then leave on the bus for Siem Reap. He will most likely stay for some bit of time there and I will stay there for awhile with him. I don’t know if I will come back to Phnom Penh after we get done in Siem Reap and just find an airbnb from November until late December when I will go to Saigon.

Half the fun is really having no idea where we will wander to or how long we will stay. Perhaps we will go to Kampot so he can check it out too.

This kinda left me wondering why I would rent an apartment if I would never be in the apartment longer than a week. I guess as November gets closer we will firm up the plan or lack of plan. Of course it could all fall apart and then I would do something else totally random.

Just like buying a new iPhone 14 pro

Totally impulse today to call Sokly Phone Store and ask if I can have the purple iPhone 14 pro tomorrow. They happily said yes and to bring my passport and debit card. I will get the 256gb phone and then come back and do all the fun steps setting it up. The iPhone 12 Pro goes to my dear friend Lily who has a phone that has problems so she wants the upgrade.

What I am looking forward to with the new iPhone is the photography playing. I am not a demanding photographer but I am very interested in seeing how the new main camera works and how the screen looks and just how much of a toy it is. For me, not being a photographer at all, the interest is in taking nice photos and then editing them just a bit with the tools like Raw Power or DarkRoom and sharing them on the blog and Mastodon. I also want to revel in the screen and island thingy.

Back to semi-reality

Now it is about 5pm here and it rained like crazy and the roof leaked so the airbnb host sent a Khmer girl up to clean the room. This is a developing country so things are always developing. Everyone gets used to things being same same but different and nothing really ever gets to me. I just have no expectations and it all works out well. Sometimes much better!

When my friend Jason comes over I am hoping he finds something he wants here or perhaps decides to leave after and go back to the Philippines where he will be living. This is just a visit. I met Jason in Merida Mexico last year in my first stay there and he left to work in the US for awhile truck driving. That wore on him so now he needs an Asian vacation or life.

So we will do something like a life. Travel a bit around the kingdom. See this or that. Get tired of each other and hopefully then he goes his own way. What it has all meant to me is that life has never meant to be tied down or setup some kind of regular pattern of living. Asia does not thrive with regularity or long term plans. And neither do I. I very much love the going or changing or finding the new element in it all and then living it. I’m sure late December though I will get on a plane bound for Saigon. Not my favorite place but there are things I enjoy there like this.

Opera House
Opera House

The Saigon Opera House always struck me as the big example of old and new since right behind it is the Viacom Center Mall. Not so far from this was the small bar down an alley somewhere that served up cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beers.

Let us all go and enjoy our randomness. Fuck the plans. The hell with schedules. Destroy timelines and lists and notes.