Last week in Phnom Penh

I guess I now have about 5 days left to go here. What was accomplished? Well, not much really. I did some walking, some beer drinking, some eating and got back to a few places I had not been here in years. At some point this week, will walk to Aeon Mall and perhaps one day walk this island. I guess the major accomplishment was the retirement visa extension which took me 3 days to get and lasts a year and is renewable. I could have stayed a shorter time in Phnom Penh, but I could not figure out why I would do that.

Today a bit later coffee is required. I don’t have a thing or things today I wish to get done. It is still the holidays here through today so many things are closed. One of the phone shops I have been to before will have the iPhone 14 pro in stock starting tomorrow. I may stop by there and check it out which means I may see if I can get one. I could also wait and get one in Siem Reap later. I’m pretty happy with the iPhone 12 Pro but I know I definitely want the new iPhone for the camera toys primarily and perhaps the screen.

I played around with Lightroom mobile and the Mac app. I don’t like it. I don’t like buying yet another storage plan and the tools seem obfuscated compared to the simple layout of something like the DarkRoom app. Of course, Lightroom does so much more. I am not sure what the More is since I mostly do not shoot in RAW format ever. I just take photos and let the iPhone figure it out. It seems to do a decent job figuring things out for my interests and fun. Probably it is the same with buying a digital camera. I would get bored and frustrated with it and it would break. They all break for me. Way too many FujiFilm cameras which never lasted in the climate and humidity perhaps in Asia. Yet the iPhones I have had made it through all that. I am not a serious or not serious photographer. I take moments I wish to keep and share and that’s about it.

So today is Monday folks. Monday in Cambodia. The sun is now shining so the room window is open and there is the hint of cooler breezes. Temperatures never really change that much here. I am sure when I visit Hanoi it will be cooler. It gets rather cold in Hanoi over the winters at least when I am thin skinned from living in Asia where it is always warm. I have been thinking of the dates I want to go and what I need to do. I want to go in December and I will need airline tickets and a visa. I guess I will do two destinations. One is Saigon for a few days to see my friend Tom there. Then it will be Hanoi for weeks to see people more like family to me. It will be before Tet and after the holidays in December which I do not observe, track, care about. I’ll have to return to Phnom Penh and then fly from here to Saigon, then to Hanoi. Then back to Saigon and back to Phnom Penh. Then back to Siem Reap. By then I will have an apartment so things will be more stable for me for a year.

And that is my last week in Phnom Penh plus some other deliberations. I think I will go ahead and publish this because the blog cries out desiring an update.

I liked this photo because it shows the solitary times along the usually busy rivers that coalesce in the city. I also thought the clouds were pretty yesterday. Take care all.