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morning and coffee

It’s been fun times finding new coffee houses each day. Today I visited Lagrace just down my street. I enjoy the mornings with a coffee maybe at a few places. Here they have wonderful pastries and the service is excellent. WiFi good and I can sit and write if I want.

I am going into my last week in the city soon. I came here to really get the retirement visa which grants me a year of stay, multiple entries, and similar privileges as a Khmer. I also wanted to just enjoy the city and see if it would be as wild as memory. Yeah. It is. But there is also the wonderful Cambodian hospitality and I also found the little neighborhood Khmer restaurants I lived for here in times past. The places that serve Khmer curries, rice dishes and noodles. Now they’re away from the riverside so exploring is fun no matter what. The city sometimes is a maze of little side streets, cafes and bars. The coffee culture here is strong too.

In a week or so I fly to Siem Reap. I have an Airbnb there for a few weeks before I get an apartment. I just don’t feel some rush to do any of the things.

Here it’s been walking, drinking beer, going as I please each day. There I will do this little side project which is my day to day wandering on the blog. I don’t know how much I will post to the fediverse. Maybe some.

Thursday just goes on albeit slowly and with my latte. Well I had to stop for awhile and do a second latte. Then out to walk in whatever direction I decided. The little sights are always best. I love the coffee stands in Cambodia. They are this rich diversion.

So as I walk I like finding the little things.

The side streets always seem full of things to go find. Nowhere besides asia is there this wonderful confusion of people, motorbikes, food stands and shops. I’ve been to a few places and only in Asia. It’s a delightful and riotous combination to the senses. And I think I need it. I need to feel the chaos and randomness of life spent finding it all.

Now I’m back to riverside. Editing this post at the Starbucks with a cold brew. Mostly wanting to just enjoy and even realizing I have my life back on asia standards I still feel sometimes disbelieving.

Then I snap back. Find that my moments did take me forward not back. There is no going back.

We are not going that way.


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  1. And now it begs the question: “what does “M” pack with him as his “EDC” on his extended walks around the city?”

    You’ve spoken of the gear/backpack you have for travel in general, but what stuff STAYS with your person when you’re out and about? Curious 🙂

    Blog it! 😀

    Stay good, friend

  2. Hey, M!

    I was all set to comment on the expat story that just went up, but then saw that it was not accessible from the `` front page, and I wasn’t sure if it’s since been deleted and the direct link still works, or…??

    Either way, what I was going to say was, after my Montana Excursion, and my disjointed wandering in Daytona Beach, Florida in 2005, I have a personal “life policy” now of “Don’t Travel!”, lol! Blog best the full-time nomads and the GOOD (meaning good at it) vagabonds such as yourself, but I, not unlike the “sad expat” mentioned in that post, always seem to find immediate trouble the moment I tick past the 200-mile marker away from where I live in any direction.

    I’m almost 40 and I don’t see my views/attitude altering on this, but luckily it is something I don’t put a lot of thought into, anymore.

    Anyway, good post, and also the EDC thing I commented on in *this* post, that’d be cool, too. Haha. Just make sure you don’t carry $10K+ in your back pocket! :/

    • Hey! Well, I was going to start writing a new post on the cheap things I use on a day to day basis and I got caught up with the expat story instead. I had changed themes to test something new out and while I liked the theme, it does not do things as well as this theme with the indieweb and commenting stuff I think. I just checked the blog and you should be able to find the post now because I changed the theme back to Independent Publisher which I prefer. I felt badly for the person and bearing in mind this person has been living this lifestyle for some years, I would have thought he knew better than holding that kind of cash in hand or pocket.

      Anyways, the story to come is on what I use to go day by day and longer. Nothing expensive here. Just stuff I have found that works well for how I wander around.


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