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Daily Wanderings of the Diary Kind

I’ve been a Day One user for some years. I stuttered around before and used markdown files for journaling. These still exist and I can read them in Ulysses or IAwriter if I wish but they don’t offer the wondrous history and location and being able to simply see what happened a year ago. Day One has been the evolution of daily journaling for me and I’m approaching 500 consecutive days of writing which is good! I think the whole journaling thing has let me explore so many things at a personal level, find these things that bug the Hell out of me, think back and forward and be able to also just open up and write my things. The diary things are extremely personal so having something encrypted end to end is required.

The other parts that are important is I write in the journal where I am and I want to write on the iPhone when I want to. I could do that with Ulysses but to me its like trying to eat soup with a fork. It is possible but why do it. So anyways, back to my few reasons for keeping these days in Day One.

  1. Writing daily in a diary is important to me. I often start the day with music and looking at morning things. Big things. Little things. Mike things. It is the act daily of finding, placing, maybe a photo. I think a daily photo of wherever is important because it locks the location to a feeling and emotion.
  2. Reading backwards is delicious. I enjoy seeing that last year at this time I was in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and two years ago in Vietnam living. It gives me the past view of the writing daily thing. Preserved with all the innuendo, emotion, apathy I am capable of.
  3. I don’t skip on the emotions writing the journal. I blame, castigate, approve and hope and the words all are there. I think it has meant I can see just how human I am. How I’ve just gone and found or not gone and not found. Some days the emotion runs deep and others it is a shallow thing skipped over like stones tossed in a lake that skip across the surface. Both the deep and shallow are just as important to me.
  4. Finally and perhaps most important is the happiness and joy in using Day One. There are few apps which I have found that are end games to me. I tried Craft, Obsidian, Evernote. So many. None are end games. Many are frustrating kind of like different blog platforms I won’t discuss. This thing though is an end game. Words come here to start and then to finish a day of my little life.

If you don’t keep a journal, I get it. I would never recommend one for a person that would get none of the 4 things above out of it. It has become this marker for me of the going and never arriving. Contained with the faces of people in words and my own deeds. I don’t value goals or responsibility so I don’t set them to do some diary entry on some day. I don’t use reminders or lists either.

The desire to write in the journal and here is more of a basic thing to me. It has worked and sometimes not worked for me and many of the entries seem yearning or demanding or complacent or hating on a thing or people. Such is life in my end game.

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