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evening blog thing

The days seem to be going by in Phnom Penh. Mostly taken with walking, eating and drinking. I wanted to get daily walks in here but I realized they would not be like Merida. Too much of a difference. But walking is the same basic muscle memory. A step, direction, desire. Merida was much gentler and the Diaz Ordaz district was quiet and peaceful to just go. Traffic kind of non existent. People almost the same.

Here things are so different. There is a rush and chaos here. Traffic becomes a force of life. Walking here requires more attention to detail. I still go in any direction but here there is this movement forever. As I mentioned maybe before here, Phnom Penh is random and chaotic. Steps here require some attention.

It’s amazing though to go from the beautiful and colonial Merida with its upscale malls, and wondrous neighborhoods where most often peace reigned to this. Like a sorcerer waved the wand. Proclaimed let there be wildness barely contained.

Then there am I walking those streets. Part of my moments in Merida still and now I go to this beat of life I missed so much. I’ve realized I need this. I need this abandon and that peace. But now I need this. It’s a drug to my system. The face of Asia. The forever going. It’s the debitage and detritus of the writing. I leave behind this little record of incomplete wonder. Haunting moments and surrender to this world.

So this is the evening blog thing. Facets of wonder here in Cambodia. I’ll leave here too for a place to live in Siem Reap. I’m just a week and days. Then there will be here and the stories become those stories. A life spent just going. Not arriving ever.

What else could there be three beers into this evening? Why nothing but a evening blog thing.