morning coffee and birthdays

I’m sitting at this very peaceful cafe that I really love. There is a peace and solitude to it away from the hurry and rush of the city. Yet only steps away. It is like someone placed a wonderful cloak of solitude and peace. The latte always lasts and the art is beautiful.

Sitting here lets me find my morning. The miles from Mexico to Asia have fallen away and it seems often I first feel in a rush to find. Find what? I don’t know. It takes me a few days to simply slow down. Then the morning latte and the slow pace and the do nothing times conspire. I find time becomes so much less than real. Like my life spins out and the circles widen and arc like the circles of my coffee.

It is a friends birthday in Hanoi. A big celebration I am gathering although it seems Vietnamese people do less for themselves. My birthday in 2020 found me in Can Tho Vietnam. Eating all kinds of food with beer arriving faster than needed. For my friend it is a family he gained by marrying a Vietnamese woman. This tough, stubborn, resilient woman became a mom to me at times. Now I hear less and I’m closer and that is okay too.

My latte demands little. My time in the cafe takes sweet time and good WiFi. I can write here lazily. Watch words team up and combine. Find more time to read my kindle. There’s all this that meets up over my lazy Monday. Birthdays and lattes. I’ve realized also that this mere act of writing brings new chapters for me. My story shared. Maybe the latte is the fuel. Sometimes the evening beer gives me the sense of this city but away by degrees only is Vietnam or Malaysia or wherever. Silently waiting.

I give the toast I taught lily when drinking.

here’s mud in your eye.

She would laugh deliciously and look at me with those sensuous Vietnamese eyes. Mystery and wonder.

Perhaps that is what makes this little corner of the Edge. Built with chaos. Branded with mystery and wonder.

The latte and I salute the edge of my life. So nice to be back in Cambodia and doing nothing.