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thankful and grateful

Sitting here at Starbucks. On Saturday. Wow. Not Sunday. But this coffee shop is 5 minutes for me from my Airbnb. From the time picking up my passport with the new visa extension which lets me just live here, have similar benefits in many cases as Khmer people, and enjoy a cost of living which probably lets me do as I please with food and drink, I’ve felt this sense of peace. Cambodia this time was a little bit of a wait. I tried to do this in March this year but the visa landscape changed at the last minute so I opted for six months in Merida. No sorrow there. Merida was simply wonderful for me. I knew what I wanted though. I wanted asia back. There is a warmth and peace here and a sense of just having this life of slow ease. Like the manana in Mexico there is the,

same same but different

In Asia. Life just seems to encompass the things I love. The randomness. The chaos. The pace. Here in Cambodia also the warm and friendly Khmer people.

So when I got the visa extension this time it dawned on me I was done with things needing to be done. Done with a single task that only took 4 days for my wonderful visa agent Kim. Coming to sit this day in Starbucks seems like the fitting time to simply say how grateful and satisfied I am with again being accepted in the kingdom of wonder. I’m not a world traveler or a backpacker. Or a digital nomad. Thank dog (kudos to TMO). No. I just go as I please and when I please. Now 🇰🇭 but soon 🇻🇳 and then more. Because Cambodia is not in isolation. It’s part of this larger world that I’ve missed. And I can go.

But I go with thankfulness and gratitude to the place which seems closer than ever to being home. As soon I reach Siem Reap. In two weeks again I stop. Find that wonderful essence of moments and experiences to turn to memories. Take a photo or two. Start a new project on the side. Change things a bit and make this blog the engine for me. I’ll be less present and active on mastodon. The blog instead will be the focus because it reaches and holds much better.

Down the road only slightly. But steps to take. Thanks to Cambodia for giving me a home.

  1. Dog Bless Cambodia! 🙂

    I don’t know if you ever explored the Punk Rock genre in the music world, M, but there is a song by a band called “Dead Kennedy’s” called “Holiday In Cambodia”, and it is a Punk classic. I almost recommended another song by them when you were heading to California called “Uber Alles California”. Both have harsh/cynical lyrics, as a bunch of “obscene” Punk bands did in those days (late-1970s), but DK are definitely legendary within the genre.

    Anyway, glad the pace and flow of Cambodia is going well, and I, too, am glad you found a home there – as it ensures great writing, great photos, great times, indeed 🙂

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