casual wandering

Today I took time to enjoy some coffee, getting my Kindle Paperwhite going on my new book, and then walked over to Central Market. The market is the major local market of Phnom Penh. They have just about everything. Not comparable to markets anywhere else. This market sets the baseline to me of what a local market is in Asia. From flowers to suits to hair salons. Wet and dry market items. To wander the market is to be assailed with all the flavors of Asia. Spices and senses and the almost over the top sensation of it all.

This is one of those things that make Asia so unique I feel. And this market invites wandering down so many aisles and parts and sections.

Does not hurt that it was a beautiful day in the city today.

let’s talk wandering

Casual with no ties that bind. No destination to be found. Just one of my forever days of doing whatever the Hell I want to do. I’ve felt if you have a destination or a plan or goal or whatever you diminish the art and act of it all. It should be with no regard for constants and dilemmas. Wandering should only see the next street. The going. The doing. The being.

Forget the managing and achieving. Just let yourself go to what a place can take you to. Today for me it was the senseless steps in a huge public market in Asia. Then a stop for a Dairy Queen strawberry shake in the Soriya Lifestyle mall.

Then I reached some end but it was really just another beginning for me. I stretched these old legs out and walked back to the riverside and then down to the ferry boat docks. That last bit is a marked jogging and biking path. Not so long but just the fact it is there is nice. Often it is a quiet place where the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers run their course. And me? I just join in at my own course with no regard for ends.

I knew coming back to Phnom Penh I would find the nothing. The zen of nothing in my walks and mindfulness sessions. That instead of a life strewn with goals and patterns and guides, really what we all need is time away from it all. In other words, the casual wandering. Our spirits and souls need the time away from clocks and beepers and watches. I’ve not worn a watch in some years and walking or yoga has never been a goal in hiding. It is the act of it all and not what happens after. If you are argue what watch to wear to track your progress, perhaps you are missing the sublime part of it all. I will clue you in,

Life could give an F less whether you set goals or not or you fill your circles with effort

To me, that is all BS. We just do it because I think we sometimes are bred into competition against some mark or marker. We get mad or sad or angry because the circle of effort does not reach some goal but we ignore what all we put into our moments. Did we do something with no hint of reward? Something casual just for the act of doing it. Like finding our personal joy and happiness. That is how this casual wanderer, this itinerant spirit fills the moments. And I love the mere act of the going.