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Wednesday morning blog time

I decided to try another new place for breakfast this morning. I could probably go all three weeks without a repeat for food and coffee in the mornings.

Reminds me of being in Saigon years before and deciding to do a different coffee shop every day. Wonderful experience in the land of coffee. I walked across the street and some miles to find a new place. Often though I would stop and get a banh mi on the way unless I happened to pick a place that had breakfasts. Most Vietnamese coffee shops don’t do food but everyone welcome to bring their choices.

Today though it was Museum Coffee Shop not too far from my Airbnb. A nice place for morning rituals like a latte

And then a Khmer local breakfast choice.

This was some grilled pork with saffron rice. Big plate of good tasting food.

Today is another day of nothing in particular. I have about 2 weeks left in the city before catching the bus to Siem Reap. The bus takes 6 hours.

I also have stopped reading most of the news. There is no upside to any of it. Each time I read some American news I am so glad to be gone. Being in Cambodia seems so far and I never get involved in politics here. This is not my country. They are kind enough to offer reasonable visa policies especially for older retired types. My part is to spend money into the local economy. Treat Khmer people with respect and kindness. Enjoy the culture and history here.

Also use it as my base to reach other places and it works well for that. Like I wrote before going from here in many directions in Southeast Asia is east.

Now back to my latte. This meandering blogpost has gone along. See the turns. Amazing how I can start with one thing and find a few others.

Just like my life.