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visa extension joys

One of the major things was extending my 30 day ordinary visa to the retirement extension which gives me a year. I can enter and leave as I want. Take off for Vietnam or Malaysia. And run around Cambodia. There are places here to go as well. Like Kampot and Battambang. Cambodia is rich with culture and history.

Traveling around the country is mostly done by bus. Most buses will go from Phnom Penh to any of the other places. Maybe the best way to organize bus service is Giant Ibis. The best way to plan a more complex trip has to be 12go.

But to really go with freedom is to get the visa extension. For about $300 I get a year to just go. No need to worry about visa runs or evisa issues.

Flying from Phnom Penh to Saigon is easy too. 55 minutes and I get there. Cambodia is located in a wonderful spot in ASEAN to just go.

Right there next to Vietnam and Thailand. Close to Malaysia and Singapore. Laos around the corner.

and asia just opens up

With the right visa, all of Asia opens. An old time expat told me to,

have an escape and a base to get back to

Cambodia is more than that but it needs the visa. So this Friday I get that. Doors open. Vietnam beckons. Asia awaits.

In a year who knows? A year is a long time for an old retired guy wandering the edge. Being back means freedom. I love doing just what it is to bring me happiness and joy. I think we spend way too long at the other end of existence. Like my ex wife would say,

misery is optional

That’s so true. Maybe one of the few things she was so on about.