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Enter Phnom Penh

So the last day or so was spent flying. It is a long haul from San Francisco to Seoul Korea. Takes about 12 hours. I was pretty lucky that no one sat next to me on the first flight. Once in Seoul I just had this wondrous complete feeling like my life had become full again. I spent some time chatting with two young women from Singapore on vacation in Korea. I wandered Terminal 2 at Inchon Airport a little bit just taking it all in. Terminal 2 is quite pretty.

I had about 2 hours until my connecting flight to Phnom Penh Cambodia. This flight was quite full but no one was sitting in my row of seats so I could stretch out. Very nice! I got in to the airport at about 11pm and get the visa I needed by 1115pm because I paid for express service. That was another $5 which seemed reasonable for being able to sit and wait and 5 minutes later got the passport back with a visa in it that lasts until I get the retirement extension for a year.

I chatted with the custom police officer about retiring in Cambodia and he asked if he could come along and have some beer with me. Nice guy. The whole process took about 10 minutes if that. Busy too! There are people coming as tourists to Cambodia now which is nice to see.

Then I found the driver I had arranged on the bookmebus service. Really nice service if you need a private taxi or to find different services in Cambodia. The service has a mobile app too. Anyways, he was holding a sign and spoke decent English so I just told him to take me to this bar by where I am living. Spent many evenings drinking cold draft beer in the past there and my airbnb is very close.

Sleep seemed rather interesting and at first elusive but I ended up getting 8 hours of really hard sleep. I’m sure I am jet lagged just a bit but today will get back out, see this city I have not been in for some years, eat some food, and just wander around again.

I am so happy to be back in Southeast Asia. I just feel like this is where all the things come together for me and I can live this life I truly enjoy. I really loved Merida Mexico and I’d go back to stay longer with Silena and her family but it is not the place for me. The place is anywhere Southeast Asia. The edge.

Now I think will get a shower and find some coffee and maybe a bowl of noodles like Pho or something. Thanks for reading along.

  1. “Once in Seoul I just had this wondrous complete feeling like my life had become full again.”

    …love hearing it, my friend!

    Upwards and onwards, as they say!

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