let’s transit

I checked in on Korea airlines to my 12 hour flight to Seoul Inchon. Very polite and patient airline staff on this airline. Since I’m not leaving Inchon airport no entry requirements for me.

Now I can look back at my leisure with 0 nights left. With no responsibilities and nothing needing done. I particularly hate responsibility but I also dislike tasks and todo items. I only really had three here in California. Go to meet my buddies Sean and Art. Go see my daughter and drink beer and eat American bbq with her. Finally find a pharmacy with the omicron booster I wanted to get. All three happened. The first two were easy. The last one took some calls and searches and some minimal side affects.

Now it’s the airport. My friend Van messaged me wanting me back in Vietnam for the Tet holidays. That is in February or so. It’s a week of food and drink and family. I have all three in Vietnam. My limitation is the length of tourist visas. With only 30 days only so much to get done. It used to be I just got the 90 day visa letter and I went as I pleased. Now it seems to require one of those P words I dislike.


I hate all to do with those words. Their muddling inconsistencies and variable efforts. So when Van asks what day I would be in Hanoi to celebrate my birthday this year I’m befuddled. I think of saying,

oh some day or another

She gets more vocal and wants to know what day that is. So we have a bargain. I will come when I come. We will celebrate then. I’ll just push all that off to when I reach Siem Reap to live. Shhh. Don’t tell.

now though I go

And it’s a relief. I had my California and I had a wonderful year in Mexico. Mexico particularly was fun. Now though I feel the window has opened and Southeast Asia wants me. Someone asked me about when I will come back. Seems like a trick question and another P thing. I whisper that I don’t do those things. Now it is 🇰🇭 and then 🇻🇳. Enough I say.

And it is. San Francisco airport is just a marker for me. A place where the planes take me to other places.

Like Asia.

Bye bye. For now. The blog gets new things about my days living. Photos the iPhone 12 Pro wants to take. Times to gently rest and watch the mighty Mekong river hit the Tonle Sap. Hear Phnom Penh bustle and sigh. The language of cities and tuk tuks. Pretty Khmer women and a never ending thing with no P words or R words.

Yeah. I like that.