in moments, places

Chapter 2 of how the times go by

Later in the day. I got the latest Pfizer booster with the Omicron goodies in it. That took a little work to find a pharmacy which had it since it was just released last week but fear not. CVS about 10 miles from my hotel had it but only a few appointments today. Made it with no problem thanks to Uber.

Then I took the Bart train over to the East Bay. Mission? Meet my daughter for BBQ at Smoking Pig bbq. But really is was about drinking some beer with her. Talking. Some time had gone by since I saw her. So we sat the bbq place and the wonderful Mexican waitress came by and we talked to her between ordering more beer. I told her I had just come from Merida. She asked how it was and I tried describing it.

But we drank some beer and ate some bbq and talked about the times. We did a FaceTime with her boyfriend who had wanted to join us but had to work. Nice young guy! Then we talked more on the times and her work and how things had changed since the last time I had seen her. It was last year.

The beer was cold and the time just wandered on and we had more beer and talked more. There’s a joy to having a beer with her. Delightful times.

Then we walked back to Bart and she went home and I rode the subway all the way around the Bay back to San Bruno. I had also picked up a few boxes I had shipped to her. Got new walking shoes and a new Kindle Paperwhite. Good stuff! Just in time to fly for hours. I cannot take reading on my iPhone.

And then my day dwindled down to a walk this evening to enjoy the 60 degree temperatures and just see a little of the city. Back home. Last night in the US. No big time feelings besides feeling quite happy to have done the things. Met my friends for lunch and beers and then my daughter force today. It created a lot of joy and happiness in my heart and soul to have done both. Also a slightly sore arm from the booster.

All is good. I don’t have really side effects from the vaccines. The last booster bothered me for a day. I figure tomorrow it will kick in a bit and I have to fly at noon.

I’ll be writing a little something tomorrow. I don’t feel like more words now.