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Little of this and that

I got into San Bruno last night at about 8pm. Really nice set of flights from Merida. Mexico City was as tumultuous and chaotic as ever. I got a really nice dinner on the last part of the flight.

Now it is morning in San Bruno. Today is a few things. I am gonna have some breakfast at this american breakfast place down the street and get back to some eggs, bacon or sausage, and potatoes. Now it is Keurig coffee in the room actually watching TV news. I am not a TV watcher normally but just seems like a thing. I have a few things needing done.

  1. Breakfast!
  2. Covid booster with latest omicron booster shot down the street
  3. Go for walk after breakfast and check out area in daytime
  4. Meet old friends for dinner!

The last one is probably the highlight but I think the covid booster shot is important too. Tonight I meet two friends from the way back machine when we all worked together at Linux startups together. One of them I worked with at the GAP before and he left to start this little Linux services and support business named Linuxcare. The other worked with the GAP in a sales and services role but then moved to Linuxcare. He and I would end up traveling to Austin Texas to work with Dell or IBM. Often!

So there you have this and that. Not a lot of words to be said about being in the US. Just gonna enjoy the moments and do a fe things to prepare to fly out Friday. Tomorrow is a big day for me getting to see my daughter for lunch. I just need to ride BART over to the Fremont BART station.

One thing which is so strange here is finding actual convenience stores that sell Beer. In Mexico we had Oxxo stores and others like local markets and stores all over that sold beer, soda, food items. Here? Not so much.

Okay. Time to send this along the line. Have a good day.