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Packing to go

The last time I packed to go was from Houston when I did a visa run back to Merida. That was 176 days ago. My Mexico tourist card (FMM) runs out with 180 days so I have a few to spare. Packing is something for me which takes about 30 minutes. It is pretty easy when I have hardly anything besides some clothing that is cheap. I don’t think I have worn jeans since 176 days ago.

Awhile back I upgraded my bigger bag to a 65 liter travel duffel bag and gave up the mantra of carry on for everything. I had started hating that mantra because people insist on carrying roller bags. A roller bag is the spawn of the devil. I have had people drop them in my lap from the overhead storage or hit my head putting them there, tried to fit a bag which the flight attendant only stared at in amazement, and roll the stupid wheels over my feet in the rush to exit. My bag is soft but holds what I need.

I also end up tossing things when I leave. Often older cheap clothing goes. This time I want to get some new underwear and a cap or two at Target because it is hard to find sizes for old retired guys bodies here in sizes that fit. I also am tossing a pair of shoes which are not Merrell shoes. I cannot wear shoes to walk in that are not. I tried these awhile and they work but they simply are not up to the level my feet need.

I’m also packing a daily carry bag in the bigger bag because I prefer it to any others I have seen here. I will pack that bag with other things in it and then fit it into my duffel.

Finally, maybe the most important bag is my cheap carry on shoulder bag. I graduated that about a year ago to a cheap laptop messenger style bag that holds everything, with lots of pockets, nice zipper pockets on the inside.

People tend to spend a lot of money on backpacks, every day carry bags, roller bags (ugh) and other travel style bags. What I have found going as I go, is I want a bag that will hold my few things with comfort and ease. I don’t need to cram everything in and hope it works. I pretty much know it will because I am not leaving with anything more than what I got here with. I don’t need to spend lots of dollars on fancy travel bags or backpacks.

But packing is more too. It is a mental thing to me and a soul to heart thing. Packing says,

here I am. I am going because I don’t belong anywhere. This too is just a stop for me. Maybe a month or a year.

When I get to where I’m going, I will buy a few things and leave them behind for the next person to use or donate them. The truth is as I have written, having things is evil. I know people with airplanes and hangars, condos and homes, trucks and RVs. All they have gained is more responsibility for those things. For me, I want less of the material and more of what I hold within. Those require no room in my 65 liter duffel to carry. I can leave with my memories and moments and experiences intact. No roller bag necessary to carry them.

I’m going to relocate for a last meal at the mall and some coffee later this morning. Hold on. This will only hurt for a moment 😉

to the mall and coffee shop and words there

I made it for my last coffee. Hooray! I also stopped and got a few more KN95 face masks. Now I can sit a last day with the grande americano coffee. Feel the lightness of a spirit and soul not tethered to things or even people. Maybe find my Robert Louis Stevenson moment of going.

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.

Source: Stevenson on travel

I’m ready to move too. It’s a fine drug that lets me always find just the next slow places to maybe stay or go. But the truth is to just move. Speed does not matter.

The going does.

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