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Korea Airlines from SFO to Cambodia

In some days I travel from San Francisco International to Phnom Penh Cambodia with a stop for a few hours in Korea. The entire flight takes 17 hours but is broken up by a few hours in the airport in transit status. There are some requirements if I wanted to leave the airport and get a visa for Korea. I need to pre-register via a website and it was the case a antigen or PCR test was required. All this based I think on vaccination status. I will get the last booster shot Wednesday and it is the latest booster being given. Already arranged at a Walgreens pharmacy in California close to where I’m staying.

Anyways, the flight now leaves at 1240pm Friday and gets in 7pm on Saturday. Another day lost :-). Then I wait two hours and head on out the last five or so hours which means I get to Phnom Penh Cambodia at 11pm. A lot of hours to make it to Phnom Penh!

Once in Phnom Penh, I have three weeks to idle in the city. I hate hurrying anything so I will get a SIM card, get the visa extension I want, hopefully see a few friends or find them in Phnom Penh.

On 1 October I board a minibus to make the six hour journey to Siem Reap. That is sort of the final destination for me for awhile. Just like I spent a year in Mexico, I’ll spend a year in Cambodia. There are some differences. Places I can go once there! I can reach Malaysia and stay 90 days. Can get to Thailand if I want (I don’t), and get to Singapore for a few days. Laos is very possible as well. I saved the best for last. Vietnam. I have this sense of both wonder and dread going back. It has been a year and some months when I board the flight. My friend Van wants me to just stay through Tet which is Vietnam’s lunar new year celebration which goes for a week at least. Yeah. It is party and food time then! I can’t do that though. Vietnam says I can only stay 30 days at a time. If I want back, I must do a visa run and then get another 30 days. Many people do this. I won’t be doing it. I only want back to Vietnam twice I believe. Once to Hanoi and a few days in Saigon and then a second time to central Vietnam to visit Da Nang, Hue, and Hoi An. It used to be I would just go for three months and do it all. They are not doing three month visas and no one knows when they will start again.

So all this happens with a single thing. Well actually two things. Flying to Korea and then Cambodia.

To do that I must fly the day after tomorrow to SFO. That’s easy from Merida airport but it gets frustrating in Mexico City airport because that airport. Crazy town.

I just check my bag for both but I cannot check my excitement and joy of going to Asia. I left a year ago or more and now I get to reach it. I’m tired of life here. I need the sea change of life there. The totally random joys of life in Asia. That Edge. What I’ve realized is people can come and go. Some people don’t wish to see me again in Vietnam. I’m good with that. A year has changed everyone’s perspective and desires. Mine too. I will get to see those that matter and who better to spend some moments with.

All from a flight or two or four. Love it.

  1. The excitement must be building, and the anticipation. But it sounds like you have carefully thought through all the angles, what you need to do for shots and visa, passports and the like. Which means you can sit back and enjoy the journey, at least, I hope you get to enjoy it without too much stress. Not that I’d want to fly through Mexico City either. I’m sure that’s going to be the crazy part of the journey.

    Anyway, not long to go. And I for one am looking forward to journeying along with you. 😀

  2. @AlexWolfe I’m heading out soon. I think the whole sleep thing is getting rather strange. Normally I sleep really well. For an old guy I guess :-). Now, I am anxious. Oh well. I’m sure I will be glad to be back in California. Or not. At least my daughter is gonna drink a beer with me at dinner on Thursday. Life is good Alex. This week will be a long one though and I lose a day.

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