E SIM cards, Ubers, and more

In a few days I get the first of two E SIM cards for my few days in California. Then later in the week will get a second for Cambodia so I can have data when I get there. I will go with Airalo for both. I get a week with 1gb for $4.50 compared to no deal at all with T-Mobile for the e SIM card they offer. For going like this, these electronic cards are so easy. I buy the plan and when I connect in the US and activate it, I have the plan so I will have data. In Cambodia it used to be SIM cards were available at the airport. I am not sure these days and I get in rather late and after 17 hours of flying, I don’t think I want to futz with it. Easier to find a SMART store and buy a regular card when I get to Phnom Penh. That card will carry a month plan for so many Gb each month which I then top up using Ding. I could just find any one of the thousands of local places that sell scratch cards or top up using one of the SMART stores. I’m just lazy and prefer to let it get done once a month. I’ve used Ding for years to top up cards in Vietnam, Cambodia, and now in Mexico. Just works well and no hassles.

Truth is I guess I could get just a data plan in Cambodia because most of what I use is stuff like Google Voice, WhatsApp, Google maps, etc. These things are not expensive in Asia compared to what US cell services charge. I can get 6gb a month plan with texting and calling for about $6 in Cambodia. No contracts and renewable.

These are my last days using Uber thankfully. I really prefer Grab and the PassApp in Cambodia to get ride hailing done. In Cambodia I just get a tuktuk on either service where I wish to go. Cost may be $1 and Cambodia takes US dollars as long as they are not old and torn. I’m old and torn but I don’t have to worry about that at all. Grab is just so much better and one app does it all where Uber does food but I guess it is better with Uber Eats. Then there is this other app I installed but never used. DiDi seems nice but Uber is easier I guess. My last few times using Uber will be to get a ride on Tuesday to the Merida airport and then from SFO International terminal to my hotel and then back to SFO three days later. Then I am done with Uber stuff and the apps go away.

Finally when I booked my flight out of Merida I used this app called Trip. It is okay but sometimes it does weird things. Not this time really but somehow I booked business class for both flights back to SFO. I am pretty happy with that since the longer flight is true Premiere class with free meals, wifi, stuff. I only have three days left here and in two days I can do the check-in using the Aeromexico iOS app which is very good.

I also booked the flights to Cambodia on Korea Airlines using Trip. I wanted a flight which left at a regular time after years of flying to Singapore at 1am which always seemed terrible to me. This flight leaves at 1240pm on 9 September. It takes 12 hours to make it to Incheon Seoul Korea and then a connecting flight a few hours later takes 5 hours to Cambodia. It takes a long time to GTFO of these places. I’ll take it. I am already tired of the US and I have not been there yet this time.

I was thinking that the next time I fly is in late December when I visit Vietnam for a month. I have to go to Saigon first to see my friend Tom there and then fly up to Hanoi for about three weeks. I don’t care for Saigon too much but I know a nice hotel in District One I can spend a few nights at. There’s nothing else in Saigon for me. Then I fly to Hanoi but then back to Saigon and then back to Phnom Penh. If Tom only lived in Hanoi again there would be no need to visit Saigon at all. So that is the “more”. Little pieces of this and that which I have thought of a few times over the months of having a nice life in Merida. Honestly, when I came back in March after a week in Houston that seemed like a year, I could not imagine the 170 some days going by. Yet they did.

Now I’m ready for a second coffee this morning. Perhaps some pastries and a banana. Because I deserve and I accounted for all the little things right here in this blog post.